Group Hand Drumming Classes

New Class! THIS CLASS IS FULL! Intro to Mindful Hand Drumming (for the complete NEWBIE!)

When: Thursdays, 7-8:15PM,
September 28th-December 7th, 2017 (No class November 30th, 10 class session)

Where: Drum Mama Studios – 2038 West 43rd Ave, Van
Rates: $160 One Time Rental Drum Rate: $20 (for those renting a drum)
Drop-in: $20 (Plus $5 rental drum) *providing there is space. Classes fill fast, so register asap.

Come experience the many benefits of a hand-drumming meditation practice. If you find sitting in silence and stillness a real challenge, but want to experience the benefits of meditation, this course is for you! Drumming reduces anxiety, improves mood and quiets the busy “monkey mind”. In this session Alexandra will infuse basic meditative hand drumming patterns with pranayama (breathing exercises), yoga stretches and pilates core strengthening exercises. Come prepared to experience a whole lot of joy as we drum, move and release out tension and stress!! This session is perfect for anyone who has been curious about drumming, but has been too busy, nervous or timid to give it a try (or maybe you had a bad musical experience and want to start new this spring).

At Drum Mama Studios, we offer a very safe and comfortable environment for you to experience the joys of community rhythm making. You will be empowered to follow in a way that suits you and slowly you will discover that inner drummer that lies within, we are all wired for rhythm!

We will learn basic djembe technique, play beginner african/latin traditional and popular rhythms, and practice connecting to the beat of the drum through lots of repetition, breath, body scanning and other meditation techniques. This course is infused with yogic philosophy and pilates fundamentals as a way to align the physical body, mind and spirit.

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Buddha Beat Intermediate Level 2 Sessions

“Buddha Beat” is a meditative journey into the heart of African and Latin rhythms in which we will play beginner and intermediate drum patterns on djembe and congas. We’ll also practice basics of bass drum and bell independent hand patterns. You will be encouraged to work at your own pace to gain the physical, mental and emotional benefits of a mindful drumming practice. We will experience drumming from the inside out exploring how proper body alignment, hand technique and breathing will benefit your mind and body. This unique course augments the drumming experience with an infusion of yoga philosophy, meditation practices and Pilates core fundamentals. Prerequisite: familiarity with the basic tones and beginner djembe rhythms. If you’re not sure this class is for you, please contact Alexandra to discuss

Fall Session will include:

  1. Basic and Intermediate hand-drumming techniques for djembe and conga drums. Basic
  2. Dun and Bell patterns.
  3. Rudiments and Rolls (practice patterns)
  4. Popular West African based rhythms, polyrhythms and solo phrases
  5. Correct drumming posture and alignment
  6. Relaxation techniques including yogic breathing and gentle stretching

Prerequisite: Intro to Mindful Hand Drumming session or knowledge of basic hand drumming technique. If you are not sure this level is for you contact Alexandra.

Wednesday Buddha Beat Group CLASS IS FULL! Email Alexandra to get on the wait list. 

 When: Wednesdays, 7-8:15PM,
September 27th-December 6th, 2017 (no class November 29th, 10 class session)
Where: Drum Mama Studios – 2038 West 43rd Ave, Van
Rates: $160 One Time Rental Drum Rate: $20 (for those renting a drum)
Drop-in: $20 (Plus $5 rental drum) *providing there is space. Classes fill fast, so register asap.


ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT! Sunday Buddha Beat Group

 When: Sundays 4:15-5:30PM, September 17th-December 3rd, 2017 (no class September 24th, October 8th, 10 class session)
Where: Drum Mama Studios – 2038 West 43rd Ave, Van
Rates: $160 – One Time Rental Drum Rate: $20 (for those renting a drum)
Drop-in: $20 (Plus $5 rental drum) *providing there is space.

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Tuesday Intermediate/Advanced Level 3 Ensemble

When: Tuesdays 7-8:15PM, September 19th-November 28th
No class October 31st, 10 class session)
Where: Drum Mama Studios 2038 West 43rd Ave
Rates: $160
Add $20 for those needing drum rental for the duration of the session.

This is an intermediate/advanced West African Dunun and djembe ensemble class for those with djembe experience. We will play traditional west african rhythms, learn solo techniques and play dunun drums. We will experience the joy and connection of meditating into soulful traditional West African rhythms, practice rudiments, explore improvisation, and perhaps even compose some rhythm pieces of our own!

I will continue to share the wonderful rhythms and techniques I’ve learned from my teacher, Tara Tucker, from Tasmania. In keeping with Drum Mama Studios relaxed and mindful philosophy, we will play with lots of repetition and release tension and stress as we practice in a meditative and heart filling way. You will be encouraged to take risks, make mistakes and have fun challenging yourself as you soak in the great rhythm vibes!!

Come be part of “The Heart Beat Drummers” a collective that serves community by sharing the joys of hand drumming with those in need.

Prerequisite for Tuesday Session: Drum kit or hand drumming experience required. If you are not sure this class is for you please contact Alexandra.

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Daytime Hand Drumming (Beginner/Intermediate) Wednesdays 11:15AM – 12:30PM, Fall weekly classes begin September 13th.

Rate: See drop-in passes below

Learn how to play the basic drum tones on your djembe while staying relaxed and at ease. We’ll learn traditional African, Afro-Cuban, Caribbean and even some Middle Eastern hand drumming patterns, explore different poly-rhythms (more than one rhythm at the same time), and enjoy sharing in the spirit of the drum. Experience the joy of connecting with others in rhythm!All instruments provided.

Daytime Hand Drumming (Intermediate/Advanced)
Fridays 11:15AM – 12:30PM weekly, Fall weekly classes begin September 15th.
Rate: See drop-in passes below
Prerequisites: knowledge of basic drum tones, understanding of syncopation. Contact Alexandra if you’re not sure which level is appropriate for you.

Learn Left/Right hand independence, experience playing poly-rhythms, work on soloing patterns and continue to enjoy connecting in rhythm with group members while finding your unique drum voice.

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