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 Middle Eastern Drummer Extraordinaire, Raquy Danziger, is coming to Drum Mama Studios all the way from Istanbul, Turkey, Sept 25 to teach a Middle Eastern Rhythm Workshop! Details below.

Middle Eastern Rhythm Workshop
with Raquy Danziger

(for all hand drummers)
Monday Sept. 25th 7-9pm

Watch Raquy in action playing “Monkey Mind”!

Middle Eastern Rhythm Workshop for all Hand Drummers. Participants can use a darbuka, djembe frame drum or even zils! Raquy will explore the most common Middle Eastern rhythms, Odd rhythms, Soloing technique and give demonstrations. She will teach us how to use the drum for accompaniment and we will practice some exercises for relaxing while playing. This workshop will culminate with a composition using the material that was learned in the class. Raquy will play the kemenche for us while we accompany her on drums or zills (finger cymbals)! This workshop is for drummers of all levels, beginners to the most advanced drummers will gain something from seeing Raquy in action!
COST: $40
LOCATION: Drum Mama Studios, 2038 West 43rd Ave, Vancouver, BC