Why Yoga?

My purpose is fuelled by two of my greatest passions: rhythm (drumming) and mindful movement (yoga). I have spent the last 20 years of my life learning to teach drums in a way that releases tension and allows people to connect in mind and body through rhythm. In the last 15 years, I have increasingly incorporated intelligent movement and all that I’ve learned as a dancer and a yogi into my rhythm classes. My mission is to share my love of rhythm, yoga and movement with you in the hopes that you will experience the transformative and healing benefits that I have received in my life from these two ancient practices.

I am a certified yoga instructor, having completed 200 hour training at Prana Yoga College, certified in prenatal yoga (Janice Clarfield), chair yoga (Annette Wertman), hot yoga (Yyoga) and am a certified Pilates Mat teacher (Marta Hernandez). I have completed several mentorship programs at Yyoga and am more convinced than ever that yoga and drumming are soul mates, and that these two practices have a beautifully grounding and healing effect in our lives. I am excited to share my upcoming yoga/pilates fusion sessions with you!

At Drum Mama Studios you will receive advanced instruction in an intimate setting at an affordable rate. You will meditate kinesthetically while discovering how to best access yoga and pilates mat postures in a way that fits your individual needs. You will use props, learn modifications, and breathe consciously. Most importantly, you will enjoy moving in your body and fully experience your rhythmic inhalations and exhalations as they guide you through your practice. In this intimate environment, your questions and curiosity are more than welcome!

– Alexandra Jai

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Why Yoga? Watch the video below to learn about the scientific studies on the benefits of regularly practicing yoga:

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