Meet Alexandra Jai

Alexandra has a gift for spreading her love of the drum. She is a life-long rhythm student, recording artist, and performer with over two decades of experience playing percussion and drum kit for numerous local Latin, African, rock, funk, klezmer, and alternative bands.

IMG_6286After studying and performing dance for 12 years, Alexandra became a percussionist and dance accompanist for many of the finest dance studios in Vancouver, including 10 years of accompanying dance classes at Vancouver’s Arts Umbrella. In 2004, she founded Drum Mama Studios to focus on her true passion – sharing the magic of hand drumming and yoga with others.

Alexandra has a gift for nurturing the joy, connection, and serenity inherent in hand drumming and movement. She built a beautiful studio on Vancouver’s West Side specifically designed for hand drumming and yoga where participants come to release tension, increase energy, and gain the many health benefits of a drumming practice. She also facilitates rhythm circles for corporate and private functions and enjoys helping communities unite in the spirit of the drum!

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In 2001, Alexandra began to practice yoga, inspired by a world-renowned drummer who recommended yoga to improve speed and precision through mind-body awareness. She was amazed by how at home she felt on the mat. The mindfulness and intention of yoga was perfectly aligned with her drumming philosophy.

To her surprise yoga also helped her heal from a chronic birthing injury, rejuvenating her body and increasing mental focus and balance. While facilitating rhythm sessions, she noticed increased energy and intuition, helping her bring more ease and connection with her students.

In 2012, feeling truly grateful for the countless benefits she’d received, Alexandra decided to deepen her yoga practice and enroll in a teacher training program. At Prana Yoga Teacher College, her teacher Shakti Mhi helped her realize that she was already teaching yoga through the spirit of the drum, and encouraged her to begin teaching yoga through the asanas (postures).

Alexandra is now teaching intimate yoga classes and private sessions at Drum Mama Studios. She’s continued with her yoga education with certifications in prenatal yoga, chair yoga, hot yoga, vinyasa and is currently deeply immersed in studying and practicing Kundalini technology. She has experience teaching a wide range of levels from teaching hot and power yoga classes at Yyoga to Seniors classes in community centres. Alexandra completed two  monitorship programs at YYOGA in Hatha (Janet Wallden) and Yoga Anatomy (Rachel Scott). She has completed Pilates Mat teacher training (Marta Hernandez) and has been studying various other styles of mindful movement that she incorporates in her classes.  Alexandra is passionate about creatively combining her love and knowledge of movement and rhythm in every class she teaches.