POLICIES – Refunds and Missed Classes

REFUND POLICY: Sessions are refundable (less a $25 administration fee) with at least one week’s notice prior to the first class, after which no refunds will be given.

MISSED CLASSES: Students may ONLY make up missed classes at other studio classes offered within the same session. Missed classes may NOT be made up in subsequent sessions. 

Here is a list of all the session classes offered, from which you could choose for your make up classes:

  1. 11:15am Wednesday RZ 1/2
  2. 7pm Wednesday RZ 2
  3. 7pm Thursday RZ 1
  4. 11:15am Friday RZ 2/3
  5. 4:15pm Sunday RZ 2
  6. 7pm Tuesday RZ 3

Our policy for sessions is based on 3 guiding principles:

  1. Session classes are designed to be taken consecutively. The idea is that each week, we build on the rhythms we’ve learned in the previous week. In Rhythm Zone 2 and 3 classes, we add on solo phrases and traditional variations in each subsequent week. In the Rhythm Zone 1 classes, we build on the unique level within the group, if the class composition is changing each week, it is difficult to plan ahead and the quality of instruction sufferers.
  2. Community and rhythmic synergy is built among students in a session. Hand drumming students get to know each other over the course of a 10 week session, and we form a comfort level and rhythmic bond which is a huge part of the magic of the weekly group hand drumming classes. In many ways, each class becomes its own rhythm orchestra, and having people come and go, affects everyone. While I try to teach the same family of rhythms (in varying complexity) to all classes in a session so students can easily make up missed classes, I recommend that students make an effort to stick to the class times in which they are registered. That way they benefit from the sense of community and synergy that develops within the group over the course of 10 weeks.
  3. Financial and Space Considerations In running a hand drum studio, I incur costs – the costs of purchasing and maintaining drums for students, utilities, continuing education, among others. In order to offset those costs, and to be compensated for my time and effort, I require a minimum of 10 students registered to run a session. In order to ensure student comfort, I limit the class size to 18 participants per session, plus a limited number of drop-ins. Registered students are given priority for make ups at other class times.

If you aren’t sure which class would be the most appropriate for making up a missed class, please contact Alexandra.