Drumming Testimonials

“I fell in love with yoga and drumming nearly two years ago on the very same night! This miracle for me happened not just because each of these things represents relaxation and inner peace, but because of Sandi’s (Alexandra’s) gentle, loving support. Drumming has helped me awaken my injured left side. She continuously encourages me to be gentle and forgiving with myself.
I had a stroke that paralysed my left side and left me with the remnant of shakiness and tremors, and I never thought that I’d be able to play any instruments. Sandi’s (Alexandra’s) drum songs have spoken to my heart and apparently my frontal lobe. I can now hold my fingers together and allow my joyful left hand to surprise my with its beautiful dance.
The sounds of African drums have always called to me, and now I have truly arrived and feel at home. I don’t think I can ever fully express the gratitude I feel towards this very special woman – for her patient, loving, always accommodating, compassionate ways.”
“It has been an absolute delight and privilege to have been taught by Sandi (Alexandra) and to have hired her for various functions where each time she has transformed a roomful of strangers into a cohesive unit of confident hand-drummers, despite most individuals’ complete inexperience with djembe drumming.
Sandi brings passion, energy, enthusiasm and superb skill and technique to her workshops. She is patient, encouraging, and dedicated to providing the best experience to every participant. It’s just as inspiring to watch her as it is to learn from her.
I would hire Sandi (Alexandra) again in a heartbeat! She is a facilitator and musician with real soul.”
“As one of her regular drum students and knowing about how dynamic a teacher she is, I decided to bring my team of psychologists to Sandi’s (Alexandra’s) studio for a team-building event in 2009. The event was a huge success!
Our team of psychologists enjoyed it so much that we all decided we would make drumming with Sandi a yearly team-building event. We’ve been doing annual events for four years now. Sandi (Alexandra) does a fantastic job of bringing our group together. She is a very talented facilitator and clearly knows how to inspire a group.”
“I so look forward to coming to the class every week. I love music, but have never been able to play any kind of instrument. I can’t sing very well, and then only when I am next to someone who can sing. Finding drumming has been a wonderful experience for me. I can keep a beat (more or less), and even if I only manage a few bits and pieces with rhythm, that’s a great thing in my world!
I am completely deaf in my left ear so I can’t hear much of what is going on to my left, which is a bit of a challenge, but I feel safe in your classes which makes a big difference for someone like me with a lot of very bad musical experiences behind her. So a huge thank you.”
“A huge thank you for an AWESOME session today. It was wonderful to have Rachel there as well; you’re a great team! Your energy was infectious. Even the most fearful made comments afterwards that ‘that was actually fun – would do it again.’
You had a challenging group with such a diversity of ages and appetites for trying something different, and it worked just perfectly. You really are gifted as a teacher and a facilitator!”
“For many years I have had a mild case of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and have a special light I use. I normally get it out around the middle of October, that’s when I notice the symptoms of depression starting up.
Since I have been drumming, I have only used it once and that was when we had an especially long period of grey gloomy days. I am quite sure the drumming is the reason I have not had an onset of SAD.”
“We invited Drum Mama to hold a drum circle for our convention a few years ago. Sandi (Alexandra) and her crew were incredible and most accommodating to work with! The vibe felt by over 100 women in one room was an ever-lasting experience that we still talk about today! The positive energy and inner rhythm that Sandi (Alexandra) draws out is a feeling that should be felt by all people!”
“Thank you so much for such a wonderful class! I absolutely loved the experience of finding my inner rhythm, my heartbeat! It truly was an amazing, transcendent experience, being totally in my body, feeling the rhythm with all that I am, as my hands were dancing on the drums.
Thank you for allowing such freedom in your classes, for creating such a safe and welcoming space, and for encouraging and empowering your students to find and express our inner rhythm.”
“I just had to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the class yesterday – what a fabulous jam session! You manage to accommodate every level and create a very safe environment to have fun without fear of messing up.
You’re an excellent instructor and introduce the various rhythms in a very logical way, which makes it easy to build the groove and see how it all fits together. My only regret is that you live so far from Deep Cove!”
“I can’t thank you enough for beginning our workshop with your talent and energy. The kids LOVED you. The feedback was fabulous. You were present, kind, attuned and simply wonderful. Thank you so much once again, for all of who you are, and for bringing yourself so completely forward. In doing so, you allow the same experience to unfold for those that you are drumming with.”
“You are amazing. Your energy and teaching skills were excellent. Your spirit and your ability to internalise the music were unbelievable. I am honoured to know you and be one of your students.
I visualise and affirm what I want in life, and I believe you were put in my life to help me get to the next level, so to speak. I will do drum circles for First Nations kids who are having trouble healing. I believe the drum is an amazing vehicle for healing. I will also sing songs that are healing songs by First Nations communities, with their permission of course.”
“I have heard of withdrawal symptoms for many things but did not know it was possible to suffer from withdrawal from not attending your drumming classes. I am so looking forward to getting back into the rhythm again and soothing my troubled heart. Drumming is definitely meditation!”
“One more big thank you for a wonderful evening, with your great teaching style. You are a perfect fit for our team – loving and respecting our individual differences but looking for cohesion and synchronicity when required. There were a lot of happy drummers at our party!”
“A few years ago, I attended a special birthday drumming celebration for a friend at Drum Mama Studios. Sandi’s (Alexandra’s) studio space was so warm and inviting, and her facilitation of the group so well executed, I decided to hire her to facilitate a drum circle for my students for their yoga teacher training graduation ceremony. She was very open, non-judgmental, passionate and caring in working with our group. It was such a success that I hired her to facilitate several more circles for my graduating students. Her love of rhythm and yoga is infectious, and she is an inspiring and dynamic teacher with a lot of skill and years of experience. I would highly recommend Sandi’s (Alexandra’s) teaching without hesitation – she is truly a pleasure to deal with”
“We were so happy with how everything went at the wedding. Thank you and your team for creating and facilitating an AMAZING drum/percussion experience for us and all of our guests. We were absolutely blown away with how great everyone was when we entered the ballroom, and everyone seemed to be having a great time!
Thank you for sharing in our big day with us. You truly made a memorable experience for us, and it was more than we could have ever asked for. I have just started to check emails now, but a lot of our guests have commented on how the drumming was so much fun and memorable, so thank you so much.”
“You are an amazingly talented women! You are a therapist, a skilled musician, an entertainer, as well as a wife and mother. How you manage to juggle all of this is beyond comprehension, and yet you do it all with exuberance and love.
Last night you created an atmosphere of excitement and joy. Everything that you do is contagious! Your positive energy inspired everyone to respond. When we walked into the intimate space, it was quiet and subdued, and you fired up the group with your passion.
By the time we left the room, your gusto had inspired everyone. Thank you for a very rewarding experience.”
“Many women said the rhythm session was their favourite part of the day. It was a great experience for me and I really enjoyed it. You are an amazing and inspiring teacher. Your drumming was definitely the highlight of the day!”
“I’m sure you realise that everyone had a fantastic time drumming at Anne’s 60th birthday celebration. However, I thought you would like to hear the many positive comments that were made about you as the teacher. ‘She is so energetic that it is contagious,’ ‘she is so positive and she made me feel so relaxed about the fact that I was such a klutz.’
I heard it repeated over and over again in the little groups gathered at Judith’s place that you were amazing. YOU were a big hit, not only the drumming.”
“A huge thank you for the most awesome workshop ever at the Seattle World Rhythm Festival! We were a group of four that drove six hours from Oregon for the weekend. On the way home, we took a survey as to which was our favourite workshop. It was unanimous! You teach with such joy, and we were actually able to retain all the rhythms you taught!”
“We were planning a lunch event for a group of moms from our school as part of a fundraiser auction. Us three organisers had heard so many wonderful things about Sandi’s (Alexandra’s) drumming workshops and her uncanny ability to facilitate a group workshop with first-time drummers. It was AMAZING.
We were all blown away by the power of the drums joining together in rhythm. Given that most didn’t know each other at all, we were all joined together in a powerful way that created a unity through the drums, without needing any words.
The energy in the room was unbelievable and Sandi’s (Alexandra’s) contagious enthusiasm, accompanied by her encouraging and completely non-judgmental approach to facilitation, made the event perfect. All of us agreed that the drum circle was the highlight event of the year! We wouldn’t hesitate for a second to bring Sandi (Alexandra) back for more!”
“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I knew that I needed and wanted to be surrounded by the energy of the many wonderful women in my life. Sandi (Alexandra) facilitated a healing drum circle with 40 women that was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. The love, energy, and support that came out through our drumming gave me so much strength. She took us through tears and laughter to a place where we all felt strong and able to face our challenges.”
“Oh My God Ohm Higher Intelligence, oh,Universe, oh Prana, oh Qi! Oh Yes, Ohm Guna = Mother Drumbeat…!” or whatever is the intelligence of your heart you might want to address here – I just want to say that I was completely resurrected in body heart and mind after the most stunning drum-class we had with Sandi yesterday – sending out a huge Thank You to Sandi (Alexandra) and to Open Door Yoga and the planners of this Social for having us enjoy this most life-giving and educational community event yesterday – it was not only inspiring for body and soul, but also a milestone for me to pick up my drum again and even try to enroll in one of Sandi’s classes in the future, for she is truly a bright light and when she teaches one cannot but catch the flame of inspirational fire which runs through her beat, her singing voice and instructional details – which were so comprehensive and dynamically packaged into so little time, WOW! Thanks again for this session which ignited my soul, touched my heart and had every cell of my body tingle at the end.
Thanks for inspired teaching!
Thanks for the circle!
Thanks for life!”
“Your session was amazing. It was honestly the highlight of my retreat experience and many others. Many verbalised that to me and I saw it over and over again in the written evaluation forms. I had a stressful couple of weeks prior to the retreat, and your session really put me at ease. Not once did I think of work while drumming!
I appreciate you coming all the way our to Harrison and going above and beyond by renting the van, transporting the instruments, etc. Thank you for putting in time to research CMMT, it meant a lot to us. Thank you for such a brilliant session!”