Yoga Testimonials

Alexandra is a great teacher, I hope she continues teaching classes here! Alexandra is an amazing educator. I’ve been attending workout and yoga classes for at least 25 years everywhere in Vancouver and she is one of the best I’ve ever learned from. She’s a keeper.

~ JCC Yoga and Pilates student

I met Sandi (Alexandra) 15 years ago when she participated in my prenatal yoga class while she was pregnant with her first child. Several years later I became her drum student and was able to observe her truly inspiring teaching. I have participated in both her yoga and drumming classes. Alexandra provides a compassionate and safe environment with creative and skillful instructions where students feel comfortable to explore the benefits of mindful yoga. Alexandra is a natural born educator who welcomes her students with a joyful experience of yoga while open-heartedly accepting all ages and all bodies. I know Alexandra to be a teacher with a high level of integrity and professionalism. In November 2013, Alexandra graduated from my prenatal teacher training program and again I was able to observe her inspiring teaching. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.
-Janice Clarfield,
Director, Urban Yoga

There are many solid and committed yoga teachers out there. For years I have tried to find a class that connected and resonated with me. For me yoga was a series of fits and starts until I started practicing with Sandi (Alexandra) Millman. Alexandra embodies kinesthetic energy! As a former dancer, professional hand drummer, and now certified yogi, every time I attend one of Alexandra’s classes, I feel as though I am not only benefitting from a beautiful yoga practice, but am also receiving important lessons in anatomy and physiology. Thanks to Alexandra’s brilliant instruction, I have embarked on a path of yoga that I hope will sustain me as my body copes with the effects of aging, stress and a 21st century sedentary lifestyle. I have never felt so motivated to move and stretch my body. I only hope I can continue to practice with Alexandra for many years to come.
-Jennifer Schecter

I have been going to Sandi’s (Alexandra’s) yoga classes since summer 2013- I love her simple clean honest approach to the essence of yoga and also her individual attention to everyone in her class. Her attention to detail in her queuing guides you safety and focused through her class. Her classes are both challenging and relaxing – allowing you to work from where you are at that moment in time. It has made a huge difference in my body. Even just going once a week is addictive – thanks Sandi !
-Janet Kimmel (personal trainer/spin teacher)

Sandi’s (Alexandra’s) yoga instruction is both personable and inspiring. She is sensitive to the physical limits of individual participants in her class, reminding participants to be aware of their physical limitations, yet also encourages all participant to achieve more flexibility and strength from the session. Her sessions are very challenging yet undertaken at a controlled pace. Alexandra instills in her classes a genuine calmness enabling greater self awareness by participants. Alexandra has a very special “magnetism” to her that draws people to her and makes you want to join her in doing what she is passionate about.
-Max Collet

Just wanted to let you know that your encouragement is inspiring me. You are a fabulous teacher and role model. What an outstanding session! Loved the core dynamics, poses, balance strengthening and breathing etc…
just feel absolutely fabulous,
What a wonderful dynamic teacher!
-Harvey Field – private weekly yoga student Sept. 2013 to present

I look so forward to yoga every Friday with Sandi (Alexandra). I leave feeling amazing and it is the perfect way to end the week! She is an inspiring and absolutely amazing teacher!

-Shannon Leonard

I just wanted to say thank you for your session today. I had hesitated coming this morning as I had a terrible back problem after Ziplining at Whistler yesterday. I tried to go upside down like the other individuals in the group and with my back issue it was a very poor decision. Today after class I walked away feeling so much better that I was actually surprised. I don’t know if it was a combination of the drumming with the yoga, just the stretching in the middle (more toward the end) or whether it was just chilling during drumming…………..whatever it was I have to say “thank you so much”. I cannot believe how much better I feel?! Once again, thank you for everything, your time, your patience and your amazing abilities with both drumming and yoga.
-Lynn Stewart

Sandi (Alexandra) is a passionate Yoga Teacher, dedicated to sharing her Yoga tradition and lifestyle with her students. She has a special ability to conduct warm and inviting classes that foster an invigorating, centering and calming environment. I find Alexandra’s classes to be a perfect balance of stress release, physical workout and meditation.
Dale Porte

It’s been an absolute pleasure to practice yoga with Sandi (Alexandra) Millman. We are always welcomed with warmth and it’s very relaxing. Alexandra is a loving and caring teacher that always makes it a priority to provide individual feedback and modifications if needed. Every week I look forward to our Yoga with Alexandra, it’s an amazing stretch, very relaxing and the best way to start the weekend after a long week of work!
-Judith Blumenkrans

I began Sandi’s (Alexandra’s) yoga classes in March 2013. She creates a very relaxing atmosphere. Alexandra manages each class with warmth and delicacy.
She advices each of us according to our ability on that day. I really enjoy our sessions and try not to miss, even after a stressful day of work!
-Lily Bouskila

Sandi (Alexandra) has a very comprehensive understanding of yoga and her classes are always varied. She makes it a priority to provide individual feedback and modifications, so that everyone is challenged to reach their ‘workable edge’. I”m looking forward to our next session together!!
-Megan Davies

Each Friday I am welcomed in to a warm, safe environment for an hour of stretching, strengthening, releasing, and relaxing. Sandi’s (Alexandra’s) knowledge of the yogic principles, along with her soothing and reassuring encouragement allows me to comfortably learn about my body and improve my practice. I look forward to our weekly sessions as it helps me to feel aware and centered.
-Tamsin Morrell


– Shakti Mhi, Founder of Prana Yoga Teacher College –
– Janice Clarfield, Founder of Urban Yoga –
– Janet Wallden, YYOGA –