Why Drumming?

In our fast-paced, high tech world, where personal interaction and connectedness is increasingly hard to find, Drum Mama Studios offers a supportive space where you can ground yourself in the ancient art of group meditation through world rhythms.

Regular hand-drumming of at least an hour a week has been shown to be as effective as prescription drugs for decreasing anxiety, mild depression, and fatigue – but without the side effects. Mastering complex rhythmic patterns keeps the mind active and young. Music releases a cascade of neurochemical effects, boosting your immune system and reversing age-related declines.

Forget the runner’s high, and come try the drummer’s high! Regardless of musical experience or ability, we’re all wired for rhythm. Everyone can benefit from drumming in a fun, relaxing, and supportive environment.

Alexandra is so grateful for the many benefits that she’s experienced, and is passionate about sharing the healing potential of hand-drumming with others. At Drum Mama Studios, the focus is on nurturing joy, connection, and serenity through the spirit of the drum. In the process you will become a great drummer!